Eating the Bear One Bite at a Time!

I’ve beenĀ  been talking about writing a book for the past few years. But, each time I sat down to write, I’d be overwhelmed by all of the steps involved and all of the possibilities. My big picture view, while an asset most of the time, was causing me to stop before I even started. That “bear” of a book was just too big.

Well, I’m proud to announce that by keeping myself focused on one step – delivering the manuscript, I was able to get it done. Today, I took a big bite out of that bear and delivered the manuscript for my book on Aha! Moments to the editor! I’ll be publishing the book myself and expect it to be available in January 2009.

While working on the book, I realized how critical it was to operate from the Wise Mind – the integrated rational and emotional (intuitive) mind. My challenge with writing had been that I stayed over in the right brain, in my intuitive side, imaging all of the possibilities of what to write about and all of the potential problems (worries are negative visualizations).

When I started in the rational mind by putting together a timeline, blocking out time to write, and cutting back on my outside activities to give me that time, I created a structure (a container) for me to work to my heart’s content in my more intuitive, creative mind.

Is there some challenge you’re facing where you might need to deliberately move into your Wise Mind? Perhaps, like me, you need to move LEFT, then move back RIGHT. Or, you might need to get out of your rational plans and details (left brain) and brave the world of your unruly imagination and intuition (right brain).

While not a master yet, I’m on my way to regularly operating from my Wise Mind. How about you?Wise Mind

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