See It to Receive It

Do you have a vision board or something like it? If not, why not? As I write these words, I can see my vision boards on the wall across from my desk. Every day I can’t help but stare at the images and read the words (except for the small type!). Last Friday, I had the pleasure of meeting a vivacious woman at the Austin Chapter’s monthly meeting at the Women’s Chamber of Commerce of Texas. She emailed me later that day to ask if I had any tips or suggestions about creating vision boards.

My mind immediately went to Hawaii. In December, 2006, I spent a fun Saturday at a friend’s home cutting out magazine pictures and words of things I wanted to manifest in my life. After gathering the images together, I glued them all over a small box and put my written intentions inside the box. On the bottom of the box were pictures of the Hawaiian Islands and words like “paradise.” One month later, I was on the internet, searching for places to stay and things to do in Hawaii. I was basically daydreaming about what island I would go to, when I would prefer to go, and where I might stay.

The view from my room at the Sheraton Maui Resort

The view from my room at the Sheraton Maui Resort

After deciding to go back to Maui (I’d been there ten years earlier) in whale-watching season (Dec-Feb), I turned my attention back to the project I was working on. The next day I received a call from a friend who was manifesting her dream of organizing trips for women. Monica and I didn’t know each other that well at that time, but she’d seen me speak. Monica’s first organized trip was a vacation retreat to Maui in January of 2008 and she wanted me to be the facilitator or workshop leader and coach for the trip! I almost fell out of my chair and started laughing.

When I explained to Monica what I’d been doing the night before, she understood my reaction. That’s the power of vision boards. Monica might have called me anyway, but who knows. There are a lot of talented coaches and speakers in Austin. She could easily have asked someone else. All I know is that I put focused attention on my dream of another trip to Hawaii, and I didn’t spend any time worrying about it. So, I believe I attracted in Monica’s invitation (By the way, the second trip is in January, 2009. Are you coming with us?).

There are thousands of “hits” for vision boards when you search on the internet. My recommendation is to be playful about it and treat the creation of yours like a fun craft project. Most of us have so little time to be a creative kid that it seems a shame to ruin this opportunity by taking it too seriously. The more  you laugh during the process, the lighter your energy, and the more likely you are to attract in good things into your life.

The other key is to do what works best for you. After a lot of experimenting, I realize that I respond best to separate boards for separate areas of my life. That allows me to focus in on different areas at different times. Also, I love images, but also respond to powerful words and phrases. So, I include an intention on most of my boards. Other people prefer to have one big board. Do whatever speaks most to you.

My last recommendation is to let the intentions and images go after you create them. The more you try to force your energy to make something happen, the more you get in the way. Trust that by enjoying the creation of your board and looking at it when you feel inspired to, you’ve set the creation process in motion.

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  1. Natalie says:

    Hello from the “vivacious woman at the Austin Chapter’s monthly meeting”-
    Thank you for your advice and stunning real life example of the power of vision and intentions. Our creativity group will benefit greatly from this. I’ll keep you posted on how it goes. Maui in 2009, huh?!? I’ll let the group know about that too!

  2. admin says:

    Please do keep me posted, Natalie. May you have your own “stunning” example very soon. And, yes, Monica and I would love to see you and your friends at the Sheraton Maui Resort, beginning on January 17th. Aloha!

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