Your Gut and My Gut Might Not Agree!

Last Friday, I posted an article on ezine entitled, Intuition — the Key to Electing the Best President. You can view it at . One of the challenges of paying attention to and honoring your gut or intuition is to realize that your intuition guides you to the right decision for you. That doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the right decision for anyone else!

With emotionally charged topics like the upcoming presidential election, it’s so easy to judge others for their obviously poor decision to vote for a different candidate.  How could they possibly be following their intuition when they’re making such a bad choice? Becoming more in tune with our inner knowing or intuition makes many of us feel connected to our soul or spirit and thus more connected to the Divine. Therefore, it’s hard to imagine someone else connecting with their intuition and making a different choice for president. We’re so sure that we’re right and divinely guided.

The thing to remember is that we are right — for us. We can only use our intuition to guide us to what the optimal choice is for us and no one else. Oh, we may be asked by friends and family to tap into our intuition to guide them to their right decision. Some times it can be helpful to get another’s perspective, as they might not be as emotionally attached as we are to an outcome. But, we need to be careful that we are clearly picking up (reading their energy) what’s true for them and not what we want to be true.

When we heed the wisdom of our intuition, we just might be divinely guided too. However, all that I’ve learned about this intelligent, benevolent world is that divine guidance for me can look very different from divine guidance for you. Your intuition will take into consideration all  of your past experiences, your hidden beliefs, your current emotional state, and more to come up with the ideal decision for you.

When you begin to feel compelled to convince someone that their intuition is clearly out of whack (must be if it told you to vote for that person!), remember that their view of the world is also based on all the experiences and beliefs that have shaped them from the moment they were born. I confess I use humor to help me get over my friends’ different points of view. Joking about it works because I now have a better understanding of why we’re so different in how we see the world.

Trust your gut and place your vote. And, if you feel compelled to help others “see the light” about the optimal choice, be sure you do it in a way that allows them to absorb the facts and tap into their intuition to make the right decision for them.

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