Dwell in Possibility

One of the many delightful gifts I received this Christmas was a beautiful silver angel ornament. Inscribed on one of the angel wings was the poet Emily Dickison’s advice to “Dwell in possibility.”

Dickison’s words describe how I feel about this time between Christmas and New Year’s Day. It’s a time to imagine all that 2009 can bring – - to dwell among all of the potentials and possibilities for the coming year. And, 2009 is not an ordinary year. In less than 48 hours, we begin the last year of the first decade of the 21st century.

How will you begin your year? What do you want to manifest in 2009? Whether you read this before the start of 2009 or days after, consider taking an hour of time  to simply imagine all of the possibilities for the year. Don’t get practical. Don’t think about what your bank account can handle. This is dreamtime. This is time to think as big as you can – - a time to let your spirit soar.

Write down, without censoring, all of the ideas that pop into your head. Can you come up with 10 ideas that entice you to explore their potential a bit further? How about 20? The more you come up with, the more ideas you’ll be able to sift through until you find the two or three gems that you can’t stop thinking about.

Take those two or three magnificent possibilities and whenever you have a few free moments, start to daydream about them, search on the internet for information on your “possibilities,” and outline a few key steps you can take to bring them a bit closer to you. Then notice the energy pick up within and around you to guide you to all that you need in order to manifest your possibilities into reality.

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