Trust What Inspires You

Despite feeling a bit uncomfortable, I clicked on “send” to distribute my monthly newsletter this week. I wrote about how inspired I was by the movie, August Rush (2007) and how it galvanized me to stay clear and focused about what I want. The feedback I received indicated that I really touched a cord with readers. Perhaps we all need movies and music to inspire us right now. You can find the newsletter posted on my friend, Tamara Gold’s The Red Lipstick Reporter’s Blog

If I had heeded the chatter in my head that said my new obsession with a movie that came out in 2007 (and was apparently panned by the critics) wasn’t worth sharing in my newsletter, I would have delivered something safe, but with a lot less impact. We need to trust that what inspires us is meant to be acted upon and shared. It may not be well-received by all, but it will be an authentic expression of who we are.

What inspires you? Have you ever been so “on fire” about something that you had to share it or act upon it and yet held back for fear of appearing foolish? Trust that your inspiration is a signal that what you’ve experienced resonates deeply with your soul and likely your life purpose. Sharing your inspiration allows others to witness the authentic, powerful you and enables them to “catch” that wonderful energy of inspiration and pass it on themselves.

There are so many clues to who we really are and to what we’re called to do in our lives hidden in those moments we’re inspired or on fire. For example, I know August Rush inspired me so much because I now understand my work is to inspire many people to trust themselves and go for their dreams, regardless of whether or not anyone else thinks their dream is realistic or achievable.

I didn’t see a silly fairy tale in the movie. I saw the reality of being so focused on what you want that you attract to you all that you need to ulimately create the success you desire.

Whether that success is in finally meeting the parents you’ve never known (August’s dream), reconnecting with the woman you’re certain is the love of your life (The character, Louis, who doesn’t even know he’s a father and played by Jonathon Rhys-Meyer), or a big dream you’ve kept hidden, it doesn’t matter. Trust your inspiration to lead you to it and follow the road it takes you down.

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