Aha! That’s It!

We make hundreds of decisions everyday, but we all have big and small decisions we struggle with, wondering if we’re making the best decision at the time. And, then it happens. We feel that frisson of energy that tells us we’ve hit upon the answer: we experience an Aha! Moment.

Because you’re an energetic Being, receiving and sending out energetic bits of information constantly, describing the Aha! experience as a frisson of energy or getting hit by a lightning bolt makes perfect sense. You seem to get “zapped” with enough information at the same time to cause you to sit up and take notice and realize you’ve received the answer or idea you need.

When that “zap” to tell you that you’ve hit upon the answer doesn’t come when you need it to, try making yourself more receptive to having that experience. Look at your desire for an answer as creating an energy exchange. You’ve sent out the desire for an answer as energy (information) throughout your brain, body, and environment. Now you need to create the space to receive the answer (energy) back.

Most of us try too hard to think of the answer we need, frantically searching our past experiences, talking with experts, or researching data to find the answer. However, as Albert Einstein is reputed to have said, “The intellect has little to do on the road to discovery.” Actively trying to think of the answer leads to forcing an answer without the benefit of the wisdom within and around us.

The key is to relax and imagine making space in your mind to receive the answer. Surrender your intellect and allow the intuitive knowing to flow in. Sounds a bit woo-woo I know; however, when you remember that you, everything around you, and the answers you seek are all energy, then this idea to “make room” for the answer you desire makes perfect sense. Energy—answers—can’t flow to you if they’re blocked from entering by stress, outdated beliefs or perceptions, past experiences, or a frustrated intellect trying to figure out the right answer.

So, the next time you need an answer, take a few deep breaths and imagine yourself clearing the way for new ideas to come in with each exhalation. Envision a stream of wise ideas, answers, or next steps flowing into your brain with each inhalation. Trust that this visualization is creating the space for the answer and know that the answer is coming. And, it will.

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