Synchronicity is a funny thing. It shows up in our lives just when we come to a cross in the road or when we feel as if we’re spinning in circles. Those meaningful coincidences, or synchronicities, let you know you’re not alone and are being guided every step of the way, if you’re willing to pay attention and trust the awareness that comes to you.

At a recent workshop I regularly lead for guests at the Lake Austin Spa Resort, only one woman showed up for this particular session. As we turned the workshop into more of a conversation and coaching session, it became clear why Beth (as I’ll call her) was the only one in attendance. Beth had just arrived for a one week stay at the resort and needed to talk about how unsettled she was and how she knew she was blocking her intuition because of her fears about unknown change.

We spoke of how the timing of her visit to the spa and to the workshop was perfect. And, as we talked, I led Beth to see that she didn’t need to know what was coming into her awareness until now. A week at the spa was a safe and ideal time to open up to the possibilities of this next phase of her life. Beth’s last child will be graduating from high school in 2010, so she’s feeling restless with change. And, it’s the change we can’t see, but can only feel, that is often the scariest—even if we believe it’s a positive change.

Yet, how brilliant Beth intuitively was to block her creativity, her awareness, or her knowing until she was in a place and time where she could begin to understand it. Have you been pushing yourself through something? Or, trying to make yourself clear about a situation because the fog of uncertainty or lack of clarity makes you too uncomfortable?

Trust yourself and the synchronicities that show up to guide you to the clarity you seek at just the right time for you. Be gentle with yourself if you’re in transition or about to make great change. Keep your eye out for those meaningful coincidences that are like a tap on the shoulder to guide you in one direction or another.

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