It’s hot, really hot. Here in Austin we’ve already set records this summer for the number of days when the temperature rose above 100 degrees. Everyone’s talking about the heat and the worsening drought. Ugh! What a challenging summer! Yet, I know in other parts of the U.S., the summer’s been such a disappointment and so cold.
No matter how you feel about the weather where you are, the state of the economy, or a personal challenge you’re dealing with, stop and ask yourself, “is it really that bad?” The idea is to break the chain of negative thoughts that can spiral out of control and make you miserable.

When I was recently reminded how hot it gets in Las Vegas and Phoenix during the summer, for example, I had the thought, “Hey, 105 degrees isn’t really that bad.” And, each time I start to whine, either in my head or out loud, I now take myself back to that cooling thought. All I’m doing is shifting my perspective away from the negative to the positive. And, for my friends in Phoenix and Las Vegas, there are hotter places you can think of too! Or, if it’s cold, there are cooler, wetter, more miserable places too.

It’s that old “the glass is either half-full or half-empty” idea. If you want to make yourself miserable, it’s so easy isn’t it? All you have to do is dredge up old memories or think about the weather or something else that has you frustrated. But, the reverse is true too. So, why not train yourself to deliberately shift your focus to a more positive thought. Make a game of it this summer. See how creative you can be at coming up with new thoughts and ideas to shift your perspective from the negative to the positive.

I’m off to enjoy this heat that keeps the number of mosquitoes down and gives me a great excuse to stay inside and read to my heart’s content!

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