Your Way is the Right Way (For You)

There is an intelligence within us that knows exactly what we need in order to receive and ‘hear’ the wisdom that will guide us in the right direction. When we focus too much on how we’re going to obtain the answers we desire instead of relaxing and trusting that we’ll receive what we need, we block this intelligence.

At a recent workshop I led, participants were asked to get a question they needed help with clear in their mind and then pick up one of sixty different pieces of paper. On the flipside of the paper was an image from a magazine and a title. The title either referred to the name of a famous individual pictured or to a generic role (fire chief, CEO, ballerina, etc.).

While I thought I explained clearly that the idea was to quickly assess how this character or individual might approach a problem and then apply their imagined wisdom to the participant’s question (to get a different perspective on the problem), two of the participants focused solely on what the image said to them without considering the role of the featured character.

The funny thing is that it didn’t matter that they did the activity incorrectly. When they shared what came up for them when they viewed the image, it was clear they received exactly what they needed. At the same time, those participants that spent a lot of time listing the imagined personality or characteristics of the character they picked received exactly what they needed too.

Trust that the way you receive your answers or Aha! Moments is exactly the correct way for you. We’re all unique. No matter how many people may tell you to follow steps “X, Y, and Z” in order to experience inner peace, tap into your inner wisdom, or reduce your stress, or anything else, always trust that if you feel compelled to tweak the steps or change the program that it’s likely inner guidance telling you to create the system that will work best for you.

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