How Interesting. I Wonder How Everything Will Unfold?

Have you have had such a strong visual of how something’s supposed to turn out that you found it difficult to deal with and move beyond the current reality? I’m in the middle of dealing with that situation right now. Thankfully, I have a wise friend, Shari, who gently reminded me that the picture I painted months ago of how everything would unfold on a project was seriously getting in my way of dealing with reality.

I confess Shari has had to tell me three or four times to pull back from my reaction to what is and simply state, “How interesting it is that everything is unfolding this way.” She suggested that I then adopt an attitude of wonder and ask, “I wonder how it’s all going to unfold in the coming weeks?” I finally got it this week! And, I can confirm that it works beautifully.

Instead of being stuck in frustration or anger, I now can laugh at my expectations and move forward. It’s just like tapping into your intuition. You need to shift your perspective in order to embrace what is, so you can take action to address whatever “what is” now requires. I wonder what you might need to pull back and simply wonder about?

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