Traveling Aha’s and Synchronicities!

I had the pleasure of listening to Clarke Straughan speak this morning about how he followed his dream and traveled the world with little money. With a rapt audience at the Metropolitan Breakfast Club (, Straughan shared amazing story after amazing story from his book, Romancing the Impossible (, about how he entered a new country with $10 or less and few, if any, contacts and landed on his feet time after time.

While most of this travel took place in the 60’s, Straughan’s vivid memories speak to anyone today who has a dream of traveling, starting a new business, moving to a new city or country, or taking any kind of inspired leap. With a clear vision from childhood of traveling and exploring the world, Straughan did whatever it took to make it happen after graduating from college and serving in the marines.

Clarke Straughan’s experiences of meeting the right people at the right time to hire him, feed him, show him an extraordinary part of a country, or keep him safe were not an accident. Even if you started out thinking the guy was just lucky, you’d soon be overwhelmed with the truth. There just aren’t that many coincidences or lucky breaks that can happen to someone.

So what was going on? I believe Straughan’s experiences reflected his unwavering focus on his vision of what he wanted, his genuine interest in and respect of people of all cultures, his faith in his strength and resourcefulness to get him out of a jam, and most important his faith in God or the universe to guide him to the right place at the right time. Whatever your spiritual beliefs are, when you remember that this is a world of energy and vibration, it’s easy to see how that guidance can play out.

Straughan confidently entered a country knowing that nine times out of ten his first step was to locate the YMCA youth hostel (cheap and safe place to stay) and his second step was to secure a job, if he planned to stay in the area awhile. He radiated his plan and people picked up on it. The people who could help him naturally showed up.

Most of us lose faith in our vision and the ability of God or this universe to deliver, so we don’t allow ourselves to have the kind of experiences Straughan had. We think what we want is too risky or too far out of our reach. When you bring it back to energy though, you can see how you too can attract in the lucky breaks, the life-saving help, or simply the right next step that Clarke Straughan did when he traveled. Follow these steps and watch the magic happen:

  • Get crystal clear on your vision of what you want.
  • Visualize your dream unfolding and experience the pleasure of having ‘it.’
  • Trust that with clarity of vision, you’re sending out a strong energetic signal of what you want and the answering signals are coming to you.
  • Take a step forward even when the “how” isn’t yet clear. Make the reservation, buy the ticket, or do whatever you can to move forward.
  • Keep going back to the joy of experiencing your vision when fear arises.
  • Start each day with, “Show me the next step for making this happen.”
  • Pay attention. The answers always come, but sometimes they’re subtle.

What dream or adventure is it time that you honor and take an inspired leap towards?

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