Any Sublime Experiences Lately?

Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary defines something sublime as “inspiring awe or admiration through grandeur, beauty, etc.” My friend Julie Wickert (True Story Communications) reminded me of the power of this word months ago when she recommended that I describe Aha! Moments as “sublime experiences.” I couldn’t agree more and have used ‘sublime’ to convey the transformative power of an Aha! Moment in many of my marketing materials.

Don’t we all deserve to have more Aha’s and sublime experiences in our lives? In order to do that though, you need to be willing to break out of your routine to experience new things or shift your perspective to see something old in a new way.

This morning I played hooky from a weekly networking group meeting and took my dog to a nearby off leash park, Red Bud Isle, and coffeehouse, Mozart’s, on Lady Bird Lake. As I was enjoying my cup of tea and a croissant with Forest by my side, I looked out over the lake with turtles lazily coming up for air, geese winging their way east, and a blessed, cool breeze brushing me,  and the word sublime popped into my head to describe the experience.

Something about the combination of a cool morning breeze (finally!) to signal fall’s approach, the peacefulness of the soft morning light, and the time just spent in nature with my beloved dog—in the middle of the work week—conveyed a deep appreciation for the beauty in my life. It nourished me in ways that are hard to explain, lifted the stress I’d been feeling about some experiences the day before, and will sustain me through the mundane details and to-do’s I need to take care of today.

What a gift! And, it all came about by simply following my inspiration for how to spend the early morning hour. Even with all of the deadlines and demands on your time, I bet there’s a way to carve out time to shift your perspective one morning, lunch break, or evening during the week.  What sublime experience or Aha! Moment will you cultivate in the next few days?

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