Take Yourself On A Clarity Drive

Go for a drive when you’re stuck. Get out of your home or office (except during rush hour!) and go for a drive. With much of your thinking brain busy driving the car, inspiration (intuition) can flow in to generate the clarity you need about whatever challenge you’re facing.

My friend Giselle shared this great tip for generating an Aha! Moment while trying to decide about whether or not to pursue a job opportunity that was good, but didn’t fit her ideal. Would she be making a mistake to go for this job?

“You know this job hunt has been hard and the types of jobs for which I am qualified and want are scarce. There was this one job I had dismissed because of the commute and a few other factors. I found out it is still open. One of my former bosses had referred me to someone who works there. So I contacted them and found they were still looking and they accepted my application for the job. The next day they called to schedule an interview. That’s coming up. I was excited to get an interview and I know the firm to be a good one. Then I started thinking negative thoughts about it and finally decided to go get a coffee and go to my favorite thinking place.”

“Off I go and as I am driving there it occurred to me (Aha!) that I needed to stop thinking about my job title, etc. (which is ego) and focus on the important things like I am doing this for the family unit (me and the cat). This means I can indulge in my hobbies again, shop and think about the possibilities for the future. Not to mention just being able to work again and be fulfilled by that and do something meaningful.  I also realized it was the kind of job where I could do what I love to do 100% percent of the time and not have to spend time doing things that don’t get much results and take a lot of time away from what I love. Once I realized all of this it’s like this huge weight lifted off my shoulders.”

“In a lot of ways this drive to the park’s boat launch area is my version of a time out. You just have to physically take yourself places to get clarity or in this case remember the important stuff and forget the ego stuff. Fortunately I didn’t have to drive a heck of a long way to experience my Aha! Moment.” (But, wouldn’t it have been worth an hour drive or even longer, for that kind of clarity?)

I couldn’t have said it better myself! If you have a great Aha! Moment experience you’d like to share, please contact me. I’d love to hear it and (with your permission) share it with others.

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