Pay Attention To The Third Time

“Third time is the charm” is a phrase we use in the U.S. to convey the idea that there’s something magical  about attempting to succeed at something the third time. We’re encouraged to keep trying for something we believe in.

However, sometimes trying beyond that third time eats up too much time and energy. Maybe the message is to relax, wait, and focus our attention on something else. Perhaps there are a few necessary steps that we can’t see that need to occur before our success is assured.

In those cases, pay attention to a different ‘third time.’ This is the third time you hear, see, feel, or sense something. This divine guidance comes via friends making the same suggestions within a few days of each other, hearing a speaker say something about the very thing you were mulling over in your head, or seeing an image in a magazine that triggers a connection to what you’d been thinking, for example.

An attendee at a workshop at Lake Austin Spa Resort recently shared with me her belief that these are “sacred echos” communicating important guidance to us that we need to heed. And, just like we seem to need to try three times for things to happen for us, perhaps the universe needs roughly the same number of shots at getting us to pay attention and heed a message.

This happened to me a few weeks ago. I’ve been offering workshops, retreats, and coaching while pursuing speaking engagements and promoting my book. Oh yeah. I’m also chairing a conference for 500 women in Texas that occurs on November 11th! (check out the 19th Annual Money and Power Conference at

Over a period of three weeks, I heard gentle comments about focusing my attention on my coaching business, which is flourishing, and my book, which inspires me and will lead to the speaking and other options. Yet, I had workshops on the schedule, enjoyed doing them, and so I made no decision.

HA! The universe had other ideas. Within a few days, I clearly heard the message to focus on coaching. The last time I heard this suggestion on Thursday, October 1st from a fellow entrepreneur, coach, and friend, I laughed out loud.

I may have a lot of things on my mind right now; however, it’s hard to miss something that keeps coming up from different sources. This time I listened and dropped all of my workshops through the winter. Once I got the message I acted and have been feeling great about the decision ever since.

Is there something you’ve heard about or have been reminded of two or three times in a relatively short span of time? Take a moment to check in with your inner wisdom. Is this a big clue from the divine or the universe to take action in a new direction?

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