How Do You View Time?

In the midst of reading Gregg Braden’s fascinating book Fractal Time, I’ve been thinking about what time is and how I experience it. To explore the mystery of time, Braden shares a very simple and profound view of time by physicist John Wheeler: “Time is what prevents everything from happening at once.” [p. 95]

Quantum physics tells us that time is a human construct, with the past, present, and future happening all at the same time or all accessible at any given time, so Wheeler’s definition makes sense. Time is our friend because it keeps us sane (from overload) and is ours to manipulate. Or, as author Gay Hendricks tells us in his powerful book, The Big Leap, “You’re where time comes from.” [p. 160]

Hendricks takes this wisdom and teaches us the secret of Einstein Time which includes acknowledging that since we’re the creators of time, we can make more when we need it! I highly encourage you to read his book for a variety of reasons, but understanding the concept of Einstein Time is reason enough.

While I haven’t mastered the art of creating more time, I am slowly, but surely remembering to engage my mind in the concept, as well as in acknowledging with gratitude the gift of more time.

For example, this morning I was running late (according to the clock) to drop off my car for servicing. Part of the reason for the delay was a stop for hot tea and breakfast in anticipation of a potentially long wait to receive my loaner car. On the way to the dealership, I kept telling myself to relax because I’d be arriving at exactly the right time. That inner dialogue gave me permission to take care of my needs – - breakfast and tea, even though that stop would ensure I arrived late.

When I pulled up to the Subaru service area, the service associate was waiting for me with paperwork and a loaner car and no stress or issues about my late arrival. Within 5 minutes, I was on my way for the day! I had clearly arrived on time and received a bonus of even more time which fueled my expectation that this would be a great day.

How do you view time? Is it your friend or enemy on most days? What if you could make friends with time and begin to witness the power you have over how time flows in your days? How might your stress go down and your effectiveness and mood go up?

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