Use Your Energy to Help Heal The Gulf Region

FREE Guided Visualization

For Healing of the Gulf and Reawakening Belief in Your Dreams

Thursday, June 24th, 8:00pm Central (45 minute call)

The reaction I’ve received so far to my announcement that I’ll be leading a free guided visualization to harness our energy and imagination to help bring healing to the Gulf of Mexico has been extremely positive. It seems many individuals want to help, don’t know how, and are so traumatized by the images shared about how badly the ocean, shoreline, and animals are damaged that they’ve been ignoring the disaster.

This guided visualization is a way to honor what so many know to be true – - the power of their own healing energy combined with like-minded individuals – - without engaging in negative blaming and worry about the disaster.

As I discussed in my June newsletter and reported in my book, the work of The Global Consciousness Project (GCP) is showing that the consciousness of the planet can even affect machines – - random number or event generators.

The Project’s purpose is to “examine subtle correlations that reflect the presence and activity of consciousness in the world. We have learned that when millions of us share intentions and emotions that the GCP network shows correlations.” (

The truth is that more and more research confirms we can pick up on changes in the energy fields around us and we can influence those fields as well, especially as a united group of individuals.

(p. 123, Aha! Moments: When Intellect and Intuition Collide)

What if your intention to heal the planet and find a solution was combined with thousands of other people’s intentions and influenced the dreams and consciousness of the people who play a direct role in creating, managing, and implementing a solution to this disaster?

Visualization is a powerful way to begin to positively affect the consciousness of everyone involved with the Gulf of Mexico oil spill disaster. You engage your imagination and direct your energy toward manifesting whatever you desire – - including healing for the planet and loved ones.

We’ll be using a beautiful guided visualization to help each of us unite and direct our energy towards finding a solution to the oil spill and toward bringing about healing to the people, the creatures, and the Gulf of Mexico herself.

We’ll then engage that powerful energy to reawaken a belief in our own dreams and healing whatever blocks are keeping us from making the difference in the world we dream of.

If you’re inspired to participate, there is no need to register. Just call in. I’ll be sending out a few reminders and can’t wait to join with your voice and energy to make a difference.

Call Details: 8:00pm CENTRAL time (6:00pm Pacific, 7:00pm Mountain, 9:00pm Eastern), Thursday, June 24th

Call in Number: 712-432-0600

Access Code: 741724#

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