A Wealth of Experience Just a Phone Call Away

Have you tapped into the amazing wealth of wisdom, experience, and new ways of viewing the world available to you over the phone or internet? With the advent of all-inclusive long distance phone call packages and free webcast technology, the leaders and new entrepreneurs in the self-help, alternative health, and spiritual transformation movements are teaming up to create some truly informative and inspiring programs that cost you nothing.

Over the last few months, I’ve had the pleasure of joining with hundreds of other people around the globe to listen to the wisdom of leading experts and masters in their area of expertise on Adoley Odunton’s Wellness Revolution Summit program (ends July 16th) and Jennifer McLean’s Healing with the Masters Spring 2010 program (the fall edition begins in September 2010).

What I love about both of these programs is the host of the program thoughtfully interviews the guest speaker in order to share compelling information about the speaker and his or her work. And, where appropriate, listeners are given an opportunity to experience a bit of the expert’s work via an interaction with either the host or a caller. At the end of the call, the speaker has an opportunity to talk about the special offer or deal they’re providing. And that’s how the host and the speaker make money. Yet, there’s no requirement to purchase. And, if you’ve been inspired by a speaker, the promotion package is truly a gift because you get to experience their work at a special rate.

Like me, you may have experienced some programs that are so geared to selling you the product or program that you feel as if you’ve wasted your time hearing one long sales pitch with very little content. So, not all of these programs are worth the time and energy investment. Yet, with programs like Odunton’s and McLean’s, you’re exposed to ideas and experts you might not otherwise have had the time or money to experience – - all in the confort of your home office or where ever else you might sit down to contemplate the ideas you’re listening to.

The beauty of these programs is you can even listen to a free replay for up to 48 hours or longer after the live show. It’s easy to tell yourself you don’t have time for all of this, but is that really true most of the time? Isn’t it possible to ignore the tv for an hour to listen in or to get up early to check one of the replays out?

I encourage  you to seek out some of these incredible learning series this summer and to get on Jennifer McLean’s mailing list for the fall edition of Healing with the Masters. Even if you only listen to one call, you’re taking advantage of a powerful resource. And that one free call could be the one that provides you with a life-changing Aha! Moment.

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