Meet My Soul Sister (My Competition!)

I’m thrilled to be on The Queen of Dreams (Tina Ferguson) Talkcast tonight, Thursday, July 22nd, 2010 at 8:00pm Central. While Tina and I have never met, one look at her website ( told me I’d found a soul sister.

In the past, thoughts of “Are you crazy? This is your competition. Why would you appear on her talkcast?” would have entered my head. Perhaps they’ve entered yours too in similar situations. However, I’ve come to realize the benefits of connecting and even co-creating together far outweigh any negatives.

My friend Tonya Hoffman, founder of Your Local City, reminds fellow networkers that your best referral source just might be the competitor down the street. We all experience times when a potential client is just not a fit for us right now. Graciously directing them to a respected competitor is a win for all.

In addition, if you feel your work is your mission, then you’ll want people to explore all of the myriad ways they can to engage with your particular passion or mission in life. Who cares if it’s through you, someone else, or more likely – - a combination of like-minded individuals.

And, if you’re a solo-preneur like me, finding peers you can exchange ideas, best practices, and laughs with is a priceless gift. No two people approach the same topic the same way. We bring our unique personal history and way of processing and sharing information to our work.

Is there someone in your professional or personal life, you’ve been viewing as a competitor and keeping away from? Perhaps it’s time to relook at that relationship and see what opportunities could be generated by connecting and working together.

I can’t wait to connect with Tina Ferguson because we have so much in common; yet, we present and approach our work of inspiring people to trust themselves, go for their dreams, and listen to their intuition differently.

I’m eager to find out how this conversation about the power of Aha! Moments to help you through change unfolds. If you are too, please join us tonight (or listen to the recording later) at:

WHEN: 8pm CENTRAL (6pm Pacific, 7pm Mountain, 9pm Eastern)

WHAT: Tina Ferguson Interviewing Me on Her Talkcast about “Aha! That’s It! How to Generate More Aha! Moments to Help You Through Change”

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