Something Wonderful Is About To Happen!

I can feel it. I don’t care what the news says about the economy. Over the past two weeks, I’ve heard story after story of positive news from friends, suggesting that maybe it’s time to start believing that good things are on their way.

“Something Wonderful Is About To Happen” is actually a bumper sticker I picked up a few years ago and talked about in my book. I love how this statement gets my imagination to begin coming up with all sorts of possibilities about what I might define as “something wonderful.” That glorious sense of anticipation that reminds me of birthday parties and Christmas as a child.

I can’t think of a better way to spend a hot summer evening then to start daydreaming about the wonderful things that are on my wish list or vision board. Hmmm I can see my invitation to spend a week at a beachfront condo with friends (all expenses paid) now. Or, maybe it’s all the registrations coming in for my new group coaching program I’ll be announcing next week. There are so many possibilities…

How about you? What wonderful  things would you like to see happen in your career and life right now? Start anticipating and looking for something wonderful to show up in your life in August. I can’t wait to hear what actually shows up for you. Because the more energy we put into our dreams, the more likely they are to show up. Aha!

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