That Buzz of Excitement

Have you ever felt that buzz of excitement flow through you when you knew you were on to something great? Maybe it appeared after experiencing an Aha! Moment about a challenge or a brilliant new idea. You know you’re fully aligned with whatever you’re doing, so your stomach does a happy dance and you feel the buzz of the energy of excitement and anticipation flowing through you.


That’s how I feel about my new Aha! Coaching Circle, a brand new group coaching program that starts September 14th. When a few friends reviewed the description of the program they said they could feel the heart energy coming off the page! They felt my energy of excitement and alignment. This occurred because this program fully embraces all of who I am and what I feel called to share.

When we’re 100% lined up with offering work that fully embraces who we are and what we have to share that buzz of energy occurs. When there’s a disconnect, we’re just going through the motions. And, we’ve all experienced both offering and receiving this kind of weak energy.

Have you felt that buzz of excitement recently about the work you do? If not, what energy blocks do you imagine are in your way? Is it that you’re not fully sharing who you are? Or, might it be simply that the work doesn’t resonate with you and isn’t part of your calling? These are just a few of the possible reasons why you’ve been blocked from that joyous flow of energy.

Ask yourself what steps you could take to bring you and your work more in alignment and trust the answers that pop into your head. You’re looking for any small or large shifts you can make in your energy to allow blocks to dissolve and energy to flow. Consider joining the Aha! Coaching Circle if support from a group of like-minded souls is just what you need to get you buzzing in all areas of your life.

buzzWe all deserve to feel that buzz of excitement daily, so take a step towards your ‘buzz’ today!

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