Are You Experiencing Spiritual Pride In Your Work?

Yesterday a coaching client received deep, authentic praise from an industry expert both for where he’s at now with his songs and voice and for his ultimate potential for success in the music industry. It was the kind of praise that we all dream of receiving in whatever our chosen career or life calling is.

bigstock_Jump_For_Joy_622824As you might imagine, he’s flying high and had trouble sleeping last night. This is a beautiful sign that he’s on his way toward fulfilling his life dream and it’s also a very important sign that he might have some more inner work to do before the dream unfolds.

When we respond so dramatically with joy and happiness at praise that suggests there’s a part of us that deep down doesn’t really know that we’re capable of achieving our dream. The external praise floods in and fills up that hole and causes us to flip cartwheels in our mind about the great feedback.

This has happened to me many times and happens to most of us a time or two on our journey toward whatever our big stretch goal is. But if you don’t catch yourself and do the inner work when this happens, the dream or big goal might always stay just beyond your reach.

In Integrated Energy Therapy (R) (IET) one of the nine integration areas is the throat and lungs. In a session the practitioner (I’ve attained Advanced Certification in IET) imprints in the client’s energy field the energy of Spiritual Pride.

Spiritual pride is “the energy that allows you to feel worthy, open, and filled with self esteem as the energy of your soul’s purpose unfolds. This is not ego pride that is boastful, but spiritual pride that is humble.” (© The Center of Being, Inc. from the Basic Level Guide)

When spiritual pride about our work emanates from our Being, the joy we experience from a heartfelt compliment easily flows through us because we already know our worth and our talents and also understand that our talents flow to us from the Divine.

When we get to this place of deep knowing about our self worth and the value of our talents, we begin to vibrate in alignment with the energy of our dream. So instead of feeling like it’s a BIG dream requiring a big leap, the dream now becomes the right next step in our progression. .And, now we can trust and relax that it’s simply a matter of time before our dream arrives.

Any big stretch goal will likely generate a gap in our knowing of what we’re capable of, so we’ll need to do the work to make this inner shift in our understanding of who we are and what we’re capable of.

So, do you have any inner blocks you need to release or holes in your self esteem that might need to be filled with spiritual pride before your dreams can unfold? If so, consider visiting an IET practitioner (or having a session done remotely), working with a coach, or doing your own healing process to help you do just that. And from this place of deep knowing of your value, relax and let the dream come to you.

P.S. To learn more about IET or to find a practitioner in your area, go to and We’ll also be working with this energy in my new group coaching program, the Aha! Coaching Circle. I’d love to have you join us.  Registration closes September 10th.

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