Facilitating Change With The Energy of Money

Tonight I’ll be leading a free monthly tele-class to help bring clarity and support to everyone on the call. The focus is on discerning what we need to change in our lives and how to do it with grace and ease. We’ll do this by connecting to powerful heart energy and then heeding what inner wisdom reveals in a guided visualization.

bigstockphoto_business_millionaire_845013While preparing for the call, I kept feeling guided to a visualization I created a few years ago on manifesting one million dollars. This puzzled me, as I had a few specific guided visualizations in mind when I originally wrote the announcement about September’s call. Yet, each time I started to focus on a visualization about change, I felt compelled to update the visualization about money.

It dawned on me that what my inner wisdom was trying to tell me was that many of us can’t begin to concentrate on making changes – - even those changes we know will make us happy and more prosperous – - because we’re trapped in the “how.” “How could I possibly make this change now?” “I can’t afford to do anything new right now.” “It’s not safe to make changes right now, as my financial situation is precarious at best.”

Even those of us who’ve heard the statement, “Focus on what you want and let Spirit or God worry about the how,” can easily get caught up in the fear of how we can pay for any steps or information required for us to transform or change our lives. Yet, if we don’t give ourselves permission to hear the wisdom of our inner voice or soul, we’ll never really awaken to all of the possibilities available to us to move towards what we desire.

So, perhaps my inner wisdom is right. We first  need to spend some time resonating with the energy of lavish abundance before we can relax into opening up fully to what we want to shake up, shed, or transform in our lives to make room for what will make our hearts sing.

If you want to get into the flow of change, shake some things up in your life, or explore the possibilities of a major transformation, let the energy of money – - lots of money – - weave its way into your dreams. And consider joining us on the call tonight. Just send Dianna an email (BeInspired@InspiredLeap.com) with Tele-Class in the subject line and I’ll get you registered.

In the meantime, take a 5 minute break and begin to imagine what you’d do with one million dollars. And, notice any uncomfortable feelings or blocks that come up while doing this. If you need to scale back the amount of money to envision, go ahead and just ask yourself what you need to let go of in order to joyfully welcome in lots and lots of money. Aha!

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