I Believe In You

Yesterday, I shared with a dear friend and client my perspective on a challenging situation she’s currently facing. I ended with the heartfelt comment, “I believe in you. And, I believe in your ability to handle this situation and come out of it beautifully.”

My friend shared how much that simple statement meant to her. To hear the sincerity of the¬†words and to know that someone saw her at her best was a priceless gift. I was able to give that gift to her because friends have given the same gift to me during challenges I’ve faced this past year.

bigstock_Woman_On_Phone_27568Is there someone in your life who could benefit from knowing that you truly believe in them and their ability to handle whatever their challenges are? Pick up the phone and share it with them today.

Or, perhaps you need to hear those words. Please imagine me or someone you love in front of you, looking into your eyes, saying these words with confidence and sincerity:

I believe in you. I know you’re more brilliant than you think you are. And, I know you’ll make the decisions that are best for you today. Trust yourself.”

Now believe that this is true and relax and allow in an amazing day.

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