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What Are You Grateful For?

What Are You Grateful For?

During this month of Thanksgiving, why not make it a month of gratitude instead of a day of Thanksgiving? Many wise people tell us the benefits or power of expressing gratitude, thanksgiving, or appreciation, with my favorite being from Meister Eckhart:

If the only prayer you ever say in your entire life is “thank you,” it will be enough.

Whether you say it as a form of prayer, as a journal entry, as an expression in song or dance, or out loud in joy, challenge yourself to spend 5 minutes every day during the month of November to express gratitude and thanks for all you have.

Note how you feel today and the state of your life. Then, look back on December 1st and see how your life has transformed because you’ve expressed gratitude every day during the month of November.

I’ll start with expressing gratitude for my mind and body and the resources enabling me to type these words, express these thoughts, and share them with anyone who is interested. Next, I was reminded this morning in an email that the right to vote for women in the United States has only been available since 1920.  I’m so thankful for the courage of the women who suffered torment, so I could vote. Tomorrow I will express my appreciation again by voting.

What are you grateful for? Do you remember to express gratitude for simply being alive on this planet during this time of rapid change? Can you find a way to be grateful for those experiences that don’t seem to have a remote possibility of being something you’d be grateful for?

Finally, I’m truly grateful for the work I’m doing now and the amazing individuals I have the honor of co-creating with because of it.

Last Friday, a small group gathered for an inspiring, transformative expression of what they truly desire for 2011 (Envision 2011 Workshop), tomorrow the Aha! Coaching Circle (www.inspiredleap.com/ahacircle2011.html) connects for our 8th call and works on opening up to receive more than they can imagine right now. And, Friday I get to relax, renew, and play with Renee Trudeau at her exquisite one-day retreat (to find out more go to www.reneetrudeau.com).

Are you grateful for the work you have? Are you grateful for the downtime, if you’re looking for work now? Just because we’re envisioning something better doesn’t mean we can’t be grateful for what’s in front of us this day.

I’m so grateful for this moment and for this day! Aha!

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