Abundance Has The Word ‘Dance’ In It

I’ve been having a pity-party because I’ve been trapped in my house for a few days due to an accident I created by not being present in the moment.

Wednesday night, I raced out the door, hit the garage door opener, turned on the car, warmed it up, and popped open the vanity mirror to put on some lipstick in preparation for my weekly talk at Lake Austin Spa. I flipped up the visor, put the car in gear, and promptly backed into the garage door. Ugh!

The new door opener and remote are quite a bit more sensitive than the old, so I didn’t notice that I’d set off the remote to close the door when I flipped up the visor. The door wouldn’t open, so I was trapped. To make matters worse, the damage was significant enough to require a call to the insurance company. My tight budget didn’t account for paying a deductible and canceling appointments, including the engagement at the spa.

I know, small stuff when compared to burst pipes allĀ over the state because of the extreme cold, serious health challenges of friends, and more. But when you’re in the middle of feeling sorry for yourself (not to mention feeling just plain stupid too), it can be a challenge to pull yourself out of a pity party.

Funny enough, missing the appointment Wednesday night enabled me to listen to that night’s call for Mary A. Hall’s 30-Day Abundance Challenge (www.abundancealive.com). While I found it a bit difficult to concentrate because I was so mad at myself, I did write down on a slip of paper “Abundance has the word ‘dance’ in it.” That really struck me, as I always feel better after I move. The trick is getting enough out of the funk to put on some music and move, dance, stretch, or exercise.

This morning, still trapped (help will arrive later today) and feeling bad that I’m missing a great eWomenNetwork meeting, I was starting to slide back down into a funk when two things occurred. A voice popped into my head and said, What if you could trust that everything is happening exactly as it’s supposed to, for your highest good?” This stopped me in my tracks and caused me to take a deep breath. Then, my eyes lit on the scrap of paper with the reminder of the power of dance to help get back in the flow of abundance of all forms.

Katy Perry's Firework song has Forest ready to dance and play!

Katy Perry's Firework song has Forest ready to dance and play!

I immediately found Katy Perry’s Firework (my current favorite song to dance to), turned it up loud, and waited. Within 10 seconds of the song beginning to play, my beloved dog, Forest, came to the office door with his ball in his mouth, ready to play. Dancing around the office, throwing the ball for my dog, laughing out loud at both of us…how can I not relax and let the day unfold as it’s meant to? Aha!

Back in the flow, I ordered some more of my books (how blessed am I that I’ve sold another case and need to order some more?), and started working on another project.

If you’re in a funk right now because of any challenge, no matter how big or small, I hope this story brings a smile to your face, brightens your mood, and causes you to track down your favorite upbeat music, turn it up loud, and make a fool of yourself dancing around your home or office.

You’re worth it and your energy is key to attracting in what you want, so just dance your way into an abundance of glorious health, prosperity, great ideas, and love and laughter one step, one moment, one breath at a time.

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