A Small Act of Self-Care: Oh So Empowering!

After an inspiring, challenging, and fun Nia dance class my friend Dr. Deb Kern leads ( http://drdebkern.com/daring-diva-dance/ ), I ‘floated’ to the grocery store to pick up some needed items. As I walked in, a cacaphony of construction and remodeling sounds greeted me.

What small act of self-care can you do for yourself today?

What small act of self-care can you do for yourself today?

I initially ignored my reaction to the noise and picked up a shopping basket. As harsh sounds continued to reverberate throughout the store, I stopped and asked myself if I really needed any of the items on my list immediately. After a clear no, I honored myself and my energy, dropped the basket back where I found it, and walked out of the store.

Yes, I’ll need to go back (to a different store) later today or tomorrow, but that slight inconvenience was so worth it. My body feels like it’s smiling in deep appreciation for my willingness to stand up for and take good care of it. I feel empowered and loved.

The queen of self-care, my friend Renee Trudeau, will be happy to know her message is getting through to me even when I’m temporarily inconvenienced by honoring my need for self-care.  ( www.reneetrudeau.com)

Self-Care. Self-Compassion. Self-Acceptance. Self-Kindness. Self-Love. Whatever you call treating yourself the way you’d treat a much-loved, much-respected, and honored guest, my sense is none of us care for ourselves the way we deserve often enough. What small act of self-care can you do for yourself today? Perhaps it’s simply giving yourself a hug, blowing a kiss to yourself in the mirror, grabbing a few moments for a walk in nature, or mindfully and with great love rubbing hand lotion into your beautiful hands.

Whatever pops into your mind, take the time to do that act of self-care or self-love. Then, take one extra minute to notice how you feel afterwards. Let that wonderful feeling inspire you to moments of self-care more often and witness the positive changes that result. Aha!

**Image courtesy of Big Stock Photo & Elena Ray

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