You Can’t Get It Wrong

I received a precious gift of an inspiring story from a guest at the Lake Austin Spa last week. I recognized her and was honored that she showed up to hear me speak a second time. She could hardly wait until the end of the program to let me know how my work had made a difference in her life. May her story remind you, as you jump into this new year, that you really can’t miss the important messages about your life – – you can’t get it wrong.

About a year ago, Lisa (not her real name) participated in my weekly talk at the Lake Austin Spa. When it came time to do my aha-generating activity of asking a question and pulling one of 60 images to intuit what that image has to tell you about your question, Lisa didn’t hesitate. She’d lost her father three months earlier and was still deeply grieving his absence from her life. Her question was about how she could heal and positively maintain her closeness to her father.

The image she selected was of a puppy looking into her eyes (the viewer of the photo). Lisa’s immediate reaction was a complete rejection of the value of the image, as she disliked dogs, had experienced allergic reactions to them, and didn’t want the responsibility of one. Needless to say, her overwhelming response was “This is clearly a mistake and NOT the answer to my question.” Her daughter and mother, who were with her at the time, laughed and got it, as they knew about her dislike of dogs.

What gift or Aha! Moment have you resisted receiving?

Weeks later, Lisa was volunteering at a large community event when her teenage son interrupted her and asked for $5.00. She thought he was asking for it to buy some food and handed over the money. Less than an hour later, her son raced up to her screaming “Can we keep it? Can we keep it?” Completely flustered, Lisa had no idea what he was talking about, but saw many eyes focused on her and heard an announcer’s voice over the public address system asking what her son’s decision was about the dog!”

“What dog?” Lisa asked. It turns out her son used that $5.00 to buy five chances to win a dog. With over 1000 entries to compete with, Lisa’s son was the lucky winner of a puppy! Pressured by her son and the people around her, Lisa caved in and said, “Yes, you can keep the dog.”

After bringing this darling beagle home, Lisa’s mother told her stories she’d never heard about her father’s beagle. Apparently he’d had a beagle he was crazy about before he married her mom, and she shared how much he loved that dog. Then, her mother reminded Lisa of the image she’d selected during my talk weeks before!

Each time Lisa tells this story, she says she gets tears in her eyes because it reminds her how much she is loved by her father and how she is truly guided every step of the way. And, yes, her beloved beagle is now Lisa’s best friend…and her son gets to enjoy the dog too!

Sometimes the biggest Aha! Moments come days, weeks, or months later after we miss the first one. And, then — when we remember — we begin know on a deep level that we can’t get it wrong. If something is important and for our greatest benefit, we’ll be reminded of it again and again until we get ‘it.’ Or, we’ll be led directly to what we need.

Have you experienced any profound Aha! Moments like Lisa’s? I’d love for you to share it with me and others on the Aha! Moments facebook wall. Sharing your experience will remind you of how powerfully you’re being guided right now and will inspire others who need a boost. Please take a moment to share your story.

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