Feel For That Spark of Recognition

Have you ever read a book everyone has been raving about and wondered, “What do they see in this?” Or, have you listened to a speaker feeling nothing while everyone around you was taking copious notes and then running out to implement exactly what the speaker said?

If these experiences resonate with you, the next question is, “Did you honor what your gut – your intuition – was telling you?” If not, you probably have a story of frustration or worse to tell about the ensuing experiences resulting from your focusing on something that wasn’t right for you.

Your Spark of RecognitionTo avoid those painful experiences as much as possible, I remind myself to feel for that spark of recognition or resonance. If I don’t have it, I set aside the book or the ideas being shared, for now.

Trust your own gut or intuition to generate a spark of recognition or the opposite sick feeling in your gut if something is right for you or not a good fit. Don’t let others drown out the voice of your inner wisdom, especially when they’re using fear tactics like, “You’ll be left behind if you don’t join my bandwagon.”

You don’t have to make others wrong by making a different choice. In fact, their ideas might be perfect for you later, just not now.

Simply feel for that spark of recognition and if it’s not there now, stay open to it arriving later (or never), with no judgment either way.

This same process can be followed when making big decisions. I wrote about trusting your gut in discerning whether or not the entrepreneurial experience is right for you in the March issue of Austin Woman Magazine. You can read it HERE.

Or, if you’d like some support in developing more trust in your intuition and using it to take inspired action, then consider joining me on April 16th for the Jump Start to Inspired Action program (early bird pricing ends March 31st). Find out more HERE.

Wherever you are on your journey to trusting your intuition, start challenging yourself to pay attention to how you feel about ideas being shared before you make the decision to incorporate them as your own.

Make a commitment to not abandon yourself – your inner wisdom – regardless of how many others are trying to convince you to do so. Feel for your spark of recognition and honor it or the lack of it, then move on to the next great idea.

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