Moments of Spaciousness

Rich conversations over the past few weeks have all had a common thread: the transformational gifts that space brings. Whether you call it ‘breathing space,’ ‘holding space for another,’ or ‘making space’ for the new in your life, magic begins to happen in our lives, our relationships, and our communities when we acknowledge the need for space.

Breathing Space

Where is your favorite place to allow breathing space in your life?

Space to hear, see, or feel on a deep level what someone else is trying to communicate to us might come in the form of a pause before responding, or a short break before resuming a discussion. It might also involve a walk in nature or sitting on a park bench to shift perspectives and allow hearts to engage as well as heads.

Giving yourself space to ‘hear yourself think’ is really allocating time free from distractions, so you can allow your heart, mind, and spirit to discern what’s right for you. A ‘time out,’ can be the most profound and priceless gift when you’re in the midst of making important decisions.

Then, there’s the sacred gift we give others of holding space for them to expand into their next stage of greatness when they’re not able to see or sense it right now.

And, of course, there’s the physical creation of space that clearing clutter brings and the benefits to your body that giving yourself space away from others or space to move that can open up new possibilities for you too.

I think the secret to the magic that spaciousness creates is that it allows room and time for your powerful heart to work its magic in reaching out and connecting and then sending or receiving intuitive wisdom.

How do you create space in your life? Are you in need of more spaciousness in some areas of your life and work?

I’ve experienced so many blessings these past few weeks from acknowledging the power and gifts of the simple act of creating space physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually for myself and others.

What gifts do you receive when you allow more space in your days and conversations? What can you do today to bring moments of spaciousness into your life and the lives of those you love?

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