What Is Worth 30 Years Of Your Dedication?

When they hear the name of my business, “Inspired Leap,” people often assume it means galvanizing individuals to make cataclysmic changes in their lives or careers. However, a small, seemingly insignificant, decision can be the pivotal shift – the inspired leap – that brings about positive transformational change. It’s just not a change that can be noticed immediately. It may take months or years before the true power of that small decision can be seen. That’s why we must trust our inspired leaps and stay true to them even when they seem foolish to others and often ourselves in the short term.

Here’s how a little decision to follow my inspiration is impacting me right now: This past Saturday I was flipping through The Austin Chronicle and came upon the Free Will Astrology column by Rob Brezsny (www.RealAstrology.com). I’ve never read this column before, butI quickly scanned the message for my sign, Aries. Then, a thought popped into my mind to check out the message for Pisces (my rising sign), something I rarely think to do. I was blown away with how powerful this statement was for me:

“For over three decades, a man in Assam, India has worked to build a forest. When Jadav “Molai” Payeng started planting and tending seeds at the age of 16, the sandbars bordering the Brahmaputra River were barren. Today, almost entirely thanks to him, they’re covered with a 1,360-acre forest that harbors deer, birds, tigers, rhinos, and elephants. According to my analysis of the astrological omens, you could launch a comparable project in the next 12 months, Pisces – a labor of love that will require your persistent creativity and provide you with sanctuary for a long time.” [p. 94, Emphasis added]

Can you imagine the impact on the world a lush forest has where once there was only a barren sandbar? I visualize trees bowing in gratitude every time Payeng walks through his forest. I love the notion of “persistent creativity” ultimately providing you “with sanctuary for a long time.” The gift you give blesses you in return.

Pondering Payeng’s story and Brezsny’s call to launch a comparable project, I’ve been sitting with a few questions. Whether you enjoy astrology or you think it’s a joke, I encourage you to allow your imagination and intuition to lead you to the answers to these questions too:


  • What are you so committed to or passionate about that you’re willing to dedicate 10, 20, or 30 years of your life in order to see it come to fruition?
  • What inspires you enough to dedicate even a few moments everyday toward even if you’re unsure how it will end?
  • What have you told yourself was too big for you to take on and so dismissed the dream out of hand? Is it time to take a long term view and reawaken that dream now?

If no answers come when you ask these questions, I invite you to ask the Divine for a passion or dream so grand that you’re inspired to make the kind of commitment Payeng did. Remember, it’s a commitment and a labor of love–not a sacrifice, so don’t be afraid to open up to the answers that have been waiting for you to seek them out.

These questions are dancing within me now too and glimmers of the answers are beginning to reveal themselves. How exciting…and all because I ‘accidentally’ turned a page and followed an inspiration to read a paragraph. I wonder what small inspired leaps await you this week. Trust your inspiration and find out!

Note: This small inspired leap for me not only led to asking myself these powerful questions, it inspired me to begin writing my blog again after a long (and needed) hiatus. It feels good to be back!

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