A Sacred Pause

This past weekend I enjoyed a wonderful program, Time’s Sacred Flow, offered by Eremos, a Center of Contemplative Life. One of the perks of being the Executive Director there is that, as host for the morning, I get to experience some soul-nourishing, life-enhancing programs like this one.

What hour of the day invites you to pause and acknowledge where you are in the seasons of the day?

What hour of the day invites you to pause and acknowledge where you are in the seasons of the day?

Our facilitator, Cathey Capers, gently guided us into a new awareness of the seasons of the day. That’s right — seasons of the day. As we reflected on the ancient wisdom or themes associated with different hours, I intuitively understood the value of being present to the flow of the day. Yet, I realized the challenge for me was in pausing to honor those hours I associate with being hard at work, such as mid-morning or mid-afternoon.

As Cathey described pausing for a moment at Terce (the Third Hour) or mid-morning to acknowledge our blessings, joys and the nobility of work, I found myself wondering how to trust that this kind of pause right during the most productive time of day for me was beneficial. Then Cathey reminded me of the power of a simple pause. Just a pause. Just a moment in time to take a deep breath and acknowledge where I am in the day. A simple pause. I can do that!

As we wrapped up the morning with a short time of reflection, we were asked to write what a renewed relationship with Time might look like. For me, I followed her writing prompts and out flowed the following:

It doesn’t have to be hard to engage in a deeper, more loving, nourishing relationship with Time.
It could be easy.
It could be as simple as pausing to breathe and sense where I am in the day.
Time – nourishing and supportive? All this from a pause? Hallelujah!

I’m diving in and trusting this wisdom that flowed to me this past Saturday. I may forget a day or two, but as Cathey reminded us, the hours return each and every day, giving us another chance to honor their sacred wisdom.

What might your life be like if you were to trust in Time and pause to acknowledge your presence in the sacred flow of time? What benefits await you?

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