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A Profoundly Transformative Small Group Coaching
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Let Dianna Amorde, the Architect of Aha! Moments,
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Dear Brilliant Soul:
What Would It Mean for You to Be Able to Confidently Seek, Experience, and Trust Your Intuition?

Are You Ready to Take a Huge Leap Forward to a More Authentic, Joy-Filled Life? Peace. Joy. Ease. Abundance. These are just a few of the outcomes that can be yours when you effectively engage your intuition.

Once you’ve “opened the book” to working with and trusting your intuition — your inner wisdom and guidance, you’ll never look back and will have skills that will reward you for a lifetime.

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“As a business owner, I find myself always in action. Taking time to work on one’s business instead of in the business is a key factor of success. Dianna’s Aha Coaching Circle helped me to do this on a weekly basis. Her class gave me the space to ponder the bigger questions that direct my life and business. The result was profound. Specifically, her class helped me identify and release limiting beliefs that prevented me from receiving the success I was already creating for myself. One of the things I like most about Dianna is her unique ability to integrate right and left brain thinking with intuition and gut knowing. The result is a powerful confidence and clarity about the right next step. The cost of the Aha Coaching circle is a valuable investment in one’s happiness. It is a bargain at five times the price. Dianna has a true gift – many true gifts. It is up to you to fully embrace what she offers you. I appreciate her sharing gifts with me so freely and always pushing me in a direction that helps me live to a higher/better standard."

— Nishi Whiteley,

Introducing the Aha! Austin Coaching Circle

What Makes This Group So Special?

The Aha! Austin Coaching Circle is a profound, in-depth, 10-session small group coaching experience held in the privacy and comfort of Dianna’s home over a 13-week period.

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With a limited group of participants, Dianna will work with you to create your personal step-by-step Aha! Manifestation System to quickly and effectively tap into your inner guidance, so you can confidently make the decisions that will catapult you forward to achieve your desired goals and dreams.

If you haven’t had the support you need to make those critical decisions that take your business and your life in the direction you truly (and sometimes secretly) desire, this program was created for you.

If you’ve been afraid to look closely within to reveal your hidden blocks and even hidden dreams, then this program will give you the courage to do the work to free up energy for the realization of your intentions and goals.

If you want to leverage the focused energy of a group of like-minded souls to leap forward with joy and ease, then this group is for you. And, unlike other mastermind or coaching groups, Dianna will bring in powerful healing energy to magnify the power of the group.

Dianna will guide you through a system that works by focusing on the three critical areas necessary to make your best decisions every time and to confidently move forward at the ideal time with the right next steps.

The Real Decisions.

The best decisions come when we’re clear on what we really want and what we’re really searching for clarity about. You’ll learn how to do this easily and quickly.

Aha Moments.

There’s a wealth of wisdom to be gained by understanding the power of your Aha! Moments. Dianna will teach you how to cultivate more of these and how to make the most of all of the intuitive wisdom available to you in any given moment.

Inspired Action.

Dianna will show you how to look at time and synchronicities in a whole new way. This is the step that’s most often overlooked and yet is critical to successfully reaching your goals with joy and ease.

Each week we’ll weave in the critical elements discussed above into our work with the Seven Step Aha! Manifestation System:

Why this program and why participate now?

Here’s What You’ll Receive in this Life-Transforming Program PLUS my Personal Coaching

Here’s what’s included in this program for a limited number of participants:

"Dianna acted as a powerful, affirming catalyst for me to finally make the leap into my own entrepreneurial venture. I haven’t looked back since. Dianna mixes intellectual, business-savvy advice with an intuitive and brilliant feel for me as an individual. I never experience a sense of "one size all" when I reach out to her for wisdom."

— Mary Dean,
President/Chief Creative Officer, Kick Skirt, Inc.

When Can You Get Started?

This exclusive Austin program is offered:

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Please call or email Dianna directly with any questions. 512-428-6174 or BeInspired@InspiredLeap.com

"Dianna Amorde has brought enormous clarity and focus to my life, and it was with her that I had a big "Aha Moment” and finally found the purpose of my life by putting together -- in harmony -- my heart and my brain.

Whether a person has small or big questions about life, Dianna is definitely the go-to coach for clarity, power and direction. I highly and enthusiastically recommend Dianna's coaching to everybody."

—Helena Escalante,
CIP Acquisition Group

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Selected Clients Include:

"When I signed up for the Aha! Coaching Circle, I expected a typical coaching program: weekly calls, some interaction, and small, incremental improvements in my business, my goals, and my life. What I got instead was far more profound. Dianna's work as a guide, a teacher, and a healer was unlike anything I'd ever experienced. I finished each week's call with a huge sense of support, energy-shift, and tremendous progress. I was seeing my life in a whole new light, and things were rapidly changing for me. For example, a few weeks into the program I received a phone call out of the blue from a former colleague offering me a lucrative consulting job. The power of the Coaching Circle helped me open up to new things coming into my life more than I had in years. The camaraderie of the group, the powerful weekly calls, the guidance and wisdom of Dianna all made for a unique and dynamic group coaching experience. If you are tired of trying to reach your goals alone or are looking for a coaching experience that truly works, you absolutely can't go wrong with the Aha! Coaching Circle and Dianna Amorde's guidance. Sign up today. You won't regret it."

— Leslie Mock,
Entrepreneur, Writer, Marketer

"If you are looking for a catalyst...call Dianna! Dianna has the ability to quickly 'see' the big picture and give clarity to the role you are playing in reaching or not reaching your goals. Her prescription for me was simplicity, not a detailed (oppressing) plan that I kept thinking I needed to create, and from simplicity I've recreated the inner peace and joy that I had when I first started this life adventure of working with metal."

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