Inner Light One-Day Retreat

Rekindle, Renew, and Reclaim Your Light!

Winter Solstice Retreat

Saturday, December 20th

As we approach the longest night of the year (the Winter Solstice) in the midst of the stressful holiday season, our souls often long for spaciousness in which to reflect on what has passed, what is, and what is yet to come.

Our inner light might also feel dim or even battered from the year’s events and in need of rekindling to get us ready for the New Year.

If this describes you, come and enter into a Sacred Soul Pause – over five hours to rekindle, renew and reclaim your inner light…as Mother Nature reclaims hers.

Weaving together a beautiful blend of guided visualizations, group conversations, silent meditations, and time alone for reflection, Dianna will guide you to a deeper awareness of all this year has given you, the powerful light within, and how you’re meant to shine that light in the New Year.

Please join Dianna for this nourishing, powerful reclamation and celebration of your light:

Please call or email Dianna directly with any questions.
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Dianna Amorde

Founder of Inspired Leap, Dianna Amorde is an Architect of Aha! Moments and life coach. She inspires people to use all their inner resources to generate brilliant ideas, achieve creative breakthroughs, and make more effective decisions. Author of Aha! Moments: When Intellect and Intuition Collide, How to Make Better Decisions Using the Power of Aha! Moments, Dianna especially enjoys helping clients maximize their potential as they make big changes in their lives. Dianna holds an MBA from Harvard University. Complimenting her work as a life coach, Dianna is also Executive Director of Eremos, a Center of Contemplative Life.

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What Others Say:

“Working with Dianna gave me the uninterrupted time and place to really think through my goals, priorities and dreams. Her insight and gentle coaching were a great gift, and helped me not only take an “inspired leap” but pay attention to and take action on my own inner voice and guidance. Thank you, Dianna!”

– Heather McKissick,
President, CEO
Leadership Austin

"Many times now I've asked that I receive the answers to specific questions in a specific time frame and they always come! That is the most powerful skill or technique I brought away from the seminar and it has helped me close the largest client since joining Administaff in 2001. I finished the year as the #5 Sales Consultant in the country and know you made a difference in that performance."

– Linda Osborne,
Sales Manager, Phoenix, AZ