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Aha! Activation Five-Week Series

Begins Wednesdays January 28th, 2015 @ 7pm Central

Dear Brilliant Soul:

Inspired Leap Life Coach

How Would Your Life Be Different If You Were Able to Confidently Receive, Trust And Act Upon Intuitive Wisdom?

Imagine waking up each morning knowing that your intuition will guide you to the divine right answers in the divine right time.

Imagine truly trusting yourself and confidently taking action even through the most challenging moments — experiencing peace of mind even in the midst of rapid change.

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““As a business owner, one of the things I like most about Dianna is her unique ability to integrate right and left brain thinking with intuition and gut knowing. The result is a powerful confidence and clarity about the right next step."

— Nishi Whiteley,

Introducing the Aha! Activation 5-Week Series

What Makes This Program So Special?

You are brilliant. The Aha! Activation 5-Week Series concentrates on expanding your ability to tap into your brilliance when you need it most in five powerful sessions. Your time is precious, so Dianna will share the most effective tools and information to enable you to experience shifts immediately and throughout the 5-week period.

Dianna will focus on the three critical areas necessary to make your best decisions:

The Real Decisions.

The best decisions come when we’re clear on what decision we’re really making (it’s often not what we initially think). You’ll learn how to get clear. And, you’ll learn when to relax—not force it—and be patient with yourself when you can’t even imagine what you really want.

Aha Moments.

There’s a wealth of wisdom to be gained by understanding the power of your Aha! Moments. Dianna will teach you how to cultivate more of these and how to make the most of all of the intuitive wisdom available to you in any given moment.

Inspired Action.

Dianna will show you how to look at synchronicities and timing in a whole new way. This is the step that’s most often overlooked and yet is critical to moving forward with confidence and peace of mind.

Each session we’ll weave in the critical elements discussed above and work with the teachings of Dianna’s book, Aha! Moments: When Intellect & Intuition Collide.

Why this program and why participate now?

Here’s What You’ll Receive in this Powerful 5-Week Series PLUS Personal Coaching

"Dianna acted as a powerful, affirming catalyst for me to finally make the leap into my own entrepreneurial venture. I haven’t looked back since. Dianna mixes intellectual, business-savvy advice with an intuitive and brilliant feel for me as an individual. I never experience a sense of "one size all" when I reach out to her for wisdom."

— Mary Dean,
President/Chief Creative Officer, Kick Skirt, Inc.

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The Aha! Activation 5-Week Series is offered:

January 28th, 2015 thru February 25th, 2015. (Wednesdays at 7pm Central, 8pm Eastern, 6pm Mountain, 5pm Pacific). All calls will be recorded, so you don’t have to worry if you miss a session.

Five 50-minute training & coaching sessions: ALL sessions are recorded.

TWO 30-minute one-on-one coaching sessions

Investment: $167 (early bird) or $197 (regular)
Click Here to Register for the Aha! Activation 5-Week Series for only $167.

(Early Bird Pricing Deadline: Friday, January 16th)

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What Others Say:

“Dianna Amorde has brought enormous clarity and focus to my life, and it was with her that I had a big ‘Aha Moment’ and finally found the purpose of my life by putting together -- in harmony -- my heart and my brain. Dianna is not only a brilliant and insightful life coach, but also a delightful person to be around. I have recommended life coaching sessions with Dianna to many of my friends, and I have purchased her books to give away as gifts with my best wishes so that the book can be as helpful to the future reader as it was for me.

Whether a person has small or big questions about life, Dianna is definitely the go-to coach for clarity, power and direction. I highly and enthusiastically recommend Dianna's coaching to everybody.”

– Helena Escalante,
CIP Acquisition Group