Inspired Leap Life Coaching Program

“All you need is deep within you waiting to unfold and reveal itself. All you have to do is be still and take time to seek for what is within.”

- Eileen Caddy

The Inspired Leap life coaching package is for you if you’re looking for long-term transformational change and dramatic growth in your skill at trusting your intuition or gut feeling. The eight sessions allow for the clarity you need to reveal itself to you, the confidence to make the necessary changes, and for the support to move through the resistance that usually comes up in times of significant change with grace and ease.

Inspired Leap Life Coach

The Inspired Leap Life Coaching Program Includes:

Once you have pre-paid for your eight sessions, any additional sessions you schedule would be charged at this rate ($110 per 60-minute session); however, any price increases in the future would apply.

Investment: $880 (two 90-minute sessions at $110, plus six 60-minute sessions at $110 each)

The Inspired Leap Coaching Program is an on-going program to help you consistently trust your intuition and Wise Mind to generate the insights, clarity and aha’s to achieve your dreams. You will gain clarity and help with decision-making for transformational change through this powerful life coaching service.

These Coaching Sessions are usually twice per month, but frequency can vary based on your specific needs.

Format is the same as Focused Leap, with the initial life coaching session being 90 minutes in length; however, we can combine or break up the remaining sessions in ways uniquely tailored to your needs (for example, you might choose to create a two or four hour brainstorming or visioning session).

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If you’re looking for a shorter series of coaching sessions, the Focused Leap Coaching Package might be right for you.


If you’d rather experience a group coaching program, then consider my Jump Start to Inspired Action Program offered twice per year:

April-June, 2012

September- November, 2012

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What Others Say:

“Dianna Amorde has brought enormous clarity and focus to my life, and it was with her that I had a big ‘Aha Moment’ and finally found the purpose of my life by putting together -- in harmony -- my heart and my brain. Dianna is not only a brilliant and insightful life coach, but also a delightful person to be around. I have recommended life coaching sessions with Dianna to many of my friends, and I have purchased her books to give away as gifts with my best wishes so that the book can be as helpful to the future reader as it was for me.

Whether a person has small or big questions about life, Dianna is definitely the go-to coach for clarity, power and direction. I highly and enthusiastically recommend Dianna's coaching to everybody.”

– Helena Escalante,
CIP Acquisition Group