The Inspired Leap Coaching Process Can Work for You

The reason the Inspired Leap Coaching Process can work miracles is because the clarity comes from within you.

Yes, I am intuitive and will share what comes to me. But, the real power is in my work as a Way-Shower. I shine the light so to speak by creating the sacred space, providing the right tools, and helping you tap into what your wise self — your Soul or Higher Self — is guiding you to do.

My mission is two-fold:

There are a variety of ways to receive the benefits of me living my mission and passion:

Sample the Friday Morning Inspiration Audio Message.

Through more than 25 years immersed in the game of business and 9 years devoted to my work with Inspired Leap and coaching other extraordinary people like you, I have developed a unique ability to blend my intuitive gifts with my logical left brain to support and inspire you in ways that generate profound, lasting results. [Click here to find out more about Dianna] I’d be honored to share the wisdom I’ve gained with you and help your gifts shine even brighter.

What if all you need is to be reminded that “All Is Possible” and you can trust yourself—your intuitive, wise self?

What if inspired leaps become a daily occurrence and ‘wonder’ and ‘awe’ at what’s unfolding becomes commonplace?

Even the most successful of us in life have challenges that cause us to forget how magnificent we are and to feel stuck. How long you stay stuck often depends upon how willing you are to seek support to move through these rough stretches. Are you willing? Are you ready?

Possibilities. Aha! Moments. Inspired Leaps.

Join me for a one-on-one transformative coaching session, a group coaching program, or a retreat experience. I look forward to being part of your extraordinary life.

Which Program is Right For YOU?
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What Others Say:

“If you are looking for a catalyst, a true life Dianna! Dianna has the ability to quickly 'see' the big picture and give clarity to the role you are playing in reaching or not reaching your goals. Her prescription for me was simplicity, not a detailed (oppressing) plan that I kept thinking I needed to create, and from simplicity I've recreated the inner peace and joy that I had when I first started this life adventure of working with metal.”

– Carianne,
Jewelry Artist

"Dianna acted as a powerful, affirming catalyst for me to finally make the leap into my own entrepreneurial venture. I haven’t looked back since. Dianna mixes intellectual, business-savvy advice with an intuitive and brilliant feel for me as an individual. I never experience a sense of ‘one size all’ when I reach out to her for wisdom."

– Mary Dean,
President/Chief Creative Officer,
Kick Skirt, Inc.

"Dianna Amorde has brought enormous clarity and focus to my life, and it was with her that I had a big ‘Aha Moment’ and finally found the purpose of my life by putting together -- in harmony -- my heart and my brain. Dianna is not only a brilliant and insightful life coach, but also a delightful person to be around. I have recommended life coaching sessions with Dianna to many of my friends, and I have purchased her books to give away as gifts with my best wishes so that the book can be as helpful to the future reader as it was for me.

Whether a person has small or big questions about life, Dianna is definitely the go-to coach for clarity, power and direction. I highly and enthusiastically recommend Dianna's coaching to everybody."

-Helena Escalante,
CIP Acquisition Group